Thursday, February 14, 2013

Consistency May Not Be the Rule - But it Does Have a Place

Okay, so up until now I've mostly written about my tendency to jump from one project or idea to another, but I haven't given many details about the things that I'm either naturally consistent on, or that I've learned to be consistent on because they are so important.

Especially with a mind that loves to think of new things and maybe has trouble focusing for long on one thing, I've found it's so important to create little rules, routines & schedules for myself, even if I don't follow them perfectly. Because of my hard efforts over several decades, there are a handful of things that I have become very consistent on that I believe are the foundation from which my family and I can thrive. This is despite the undisciplined periods in between!
  • Family Scripture Study - Early morning before school and each evening before bed
  • Family Prayer - Morning and night
  • Christmas Traditions - I could go on and on about these, but I'll do that next winter. :)
  • Family Meal Time - We try to eat dinner together at least half the time, even with crazy schedules
  • Be at the Crossroads - This to me means being there when the kids are leaving and coming each day, so I am there to greet them and send them off. (See "To the Mothers in Zion" by Ezra Taft Benson)
  • Supporting Clubs and Organizations - like Cub Scouts - these types of organizations help us in the challenging job of raising our families and teaching them how to be good citizens.
These are just a couple of ideas that I've listed - there are hundreds of little things that could be mentioned that are valuable for keeping a family on track. What are some of the traditions and routines your family follows to make sure you keep your life manageable?

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