Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Social Media Pre-Relaunch and RootsTech 2018!

Hey everybody, Jumbled Sunshine here! I've been MIA for too long, but the drought is over. Jumbled Sunshine is back!

Awkward Selfie of the Week! 🙄

Over the next few months things will be getting much more exciting (and consistent!) at Jumbled Sunshine Studios as I go through a full relaunch and rebranding across social media. Yay! I've actually figured out a way to bring consistency to a chaotic mindset! Can you believe it? 😅

I'd like to help you do the same thing with your own life, so be sure to follow all my social media channels for a jumbled ray of sunshine about the following topics: #MotivationMonday, #TechTuesday, #WellnessWednesday, #ThankfulThursday, #FamilyFriday, #StrategySaturday, and #SacredSunday. Curious yet? I promise it will be fun!

Since I'm at RootsTech this week, my posts for the next couple of days will be like drinking from a Family Friday Firehose all week long! But I promise it will expand from there. All seven of these exciting topics will be popping up here and there on my social media channels throughout 2018. I'm so excited and I hope you join me for this fun ride!

Have a great day and see you again soon!
~ JS ~