Monday, April 9, 2018

Daily Rules of Happiness from The Daily Boost Podcast

The last few months I've really gotten into listening to podcasts. I have an Android phone, so I've been using the Player FM Podcast Player, which I love! I'll probably write more details about this app and why I love it so much in another post. But today, I just wanted to share with you one of the podcasts that I really enjoy.

It's called "The Daily Boost" and it's a great motivational podcast that is only 9 minutes long! They also offer "daily nuggets" that you can have sent to you as messages if podcasts aren't your thing. I love getting these quick motivational thoughts every day. And the host is such a positive guy!

Here's a little summary about today's podcast message, to give you a sample.

Daily Rules of Happiness:

Happy people tend to see the world differently. Here's why:
  • They realize that being alive includes challenges, which are part of the privilege of being alive.
  • Yes, they get frustrated, but they don't give up because having challenges just means that, well, life is normal.
  • Happy people accept responsibility for solving challenges. 
  • They deal with what life throws at them each day, knowing that after a good night's sleep, they will be refreshed to get up and do it all again.
  • When you think like a happy person, it will probably start to feel like not as many challenges show up in the first place, because you are seeing them as a normal part of life.
You can listen to the podcast related to these Daily Rules of Happiness, plus find more episodes and information about The Daily Boost podcast here:

Happy #MotivationMonday!!
~JS~ 🌞

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