Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jumbled Sunshine Gets Distracted - Shocking!

I just realized that I've been wasting the last hour doing nothing. This is not good because I have some really important stuff to get done. In fact, it's stuff that's not just due soon, but way overdue. It's puzzling that when I'm fairly tired or have a huge project on my plate, I have a really hard time getting started on my work. What's the deal? 

This reminds me of a really great quote that I found this week:

"To begin, begin." -William Wordsworth.

Isn't that great?? I mean, how hard is that? If you need to begin something, just START! Duh! 

I guess that's been my problem all these years. . . beginning is just way too complicated! haha. :)

But seriously, why is it that when I need to urgently get something done, I find myself just doing random things like surfing the web, reading articles, browsing and commenting on Facebook, posting to Twitter, watching silly videos, etc, etc, etc...?? Why don't I just BEGIN??

I wish I could figure it out because I really, REALLY need to get working on some revisions for a textbook chapter that I am co-writing with my husband. It has been a humongous project that has taken months to complete, and all that's left now are the final revisions. So why, instead of working on my project today, do I find myself sitting here doing a bunch of things that are just time wasters?? 

What am I avoiding? I *want* to get this done, so why am I procrastinating?

Oh, and here's the really ridiculous part - while I laid down on the couch for a mid-morning nap today (which I deserved because I have a torn rotator cuff and I'm waiting for surgery, so no judging!) I was listening to an audiobook about being productive and overcoming time-wasting habits. Yep. Really. 

But that's not the ridiculous part, this is: After my nap was over, I woke up and thought about how awesome it would be to do the "time analysis" the author had been explaining. As I thought about it some more, I got distracted (shocking!) and found myself playing Google's newest "game doodle" that they released today in remembrance of the Pony Express. haha! Hey, but I improved my score from only 44 pieces of mail collected to 86 pieces of mail collected, so that's good right?!? Yeah. Whatever - Ms Jumbled Sunshine! Sheesh.

ANYWAY - So I finally realized what was going on, and that I just couldn't seem to get myself to do what I actually *needed* to be doing, so I remembered this Chrome extension that I used to have on my computer called "Stay Focusd" that is designed to block you from going into time-wasting websites during your work hours. I had used it for awhile and really liked it, but I had apparently uninstalled it at some point, probably because I was in a "do what I want" mood and didn't like it's strictness, haha. So . . . I thought it would be a good idea to re-install it so I could actually get something done today.  

So I started browsing the Chrome store and found it quickly. However (funny though it may be) I started reading through all the reviews  instead of just getting down to the business of re-installing it . . .  

ARG!!! What is my deal today?!?

So when I once again realized what I was doing, and stopped reading all of the reviews, I clicked back to the front page to install it and realized. . .


But I had apparently disabled it.


Now maybe that doesn't strike any of the rest of you as being funny. . . but to me, well I just did a big-ole' forehead slap! How forgetful and distracted can I be?? Seriously!

There must be something in the air today. Yeah, that's got to be it - something in the air!

So ANYWAY, I am going to re-enable the extension and start using it again (at least for today!) to help me stay FOCUSED on what I'm supposed to be doing. This is crucial because this project really needs to be finished this week since Lonny's going out of town soon and I may be having shoulder surgery sometime after my doctor's appointment next week. So, non-focused brain -- watch out! Here comes Jumbled Sunshine!!!

Except wait. . . I need to just go check really quickly to see if anyone else liked or commented on my Facebook post of William Wordsworth's quote.


I'm getting to work now. I promise. Right after I post this to Jumbled Sunshine. And don't you worry because I have a timer running and I have 8 whole minutes left to finish this up!! :)

Update: After I finished writing this, I sat down with Lonny to review our planned textbook chapter revisions. We focused really well and were able to get the overall plan done in only 45 minutes! And to think of how long I had been procrastinating.... just shameful!! But instead of being down on myself, I'm going to focus on the positive: I finally DID get something done! AND I got an extension put onto my browser that will help me be more focused from now on. So - well done Ms Jumbled Sunshine! :D


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thought for the Day: Keep Trying!

Elder Renlund reminded us of the importance of improving and becoming better. #ldsconf
Posted by LDS General Conference on Saturday, April 4, 2015

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