Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 6: Kitchen Cabinets

Day Six of Hannah Keeley's 30-Day Power Purge was a biggie for me! It was finishing up the rest of the kitchen cabinets. And in reality, I still have several cabinets left to do. But wow, we've made some progress! The kitchen is the most-used place in the house, so there was an awful lot that really needed some help, all leftover from several years of poor health. But, luckily for me, it was A HOLIDAY thanks to the wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. So. . . guess who was home to help me? The kids!! Yay!

So I put them to work by asking each of them to pick one cabinet to empty, wipe out, put the rarely-used stuff in a pile for me to look over so we could decide what to give away, and then put everything else back. We put on some fun music and everyone pitched in, so we got a lot done.

So. . . drumroll please. . . here are the photo results of our kitchen cabinet clean-outs!
The spices were organized by my 19-year-old daughter, Jessica.
Thanks Jess!
The bakeware was organized by my 17-year-old daughter, Christianna.
Thanks Christy!
The cookie sheet/pizza pan/cutting board area was cleaned out by my 8-year-old son, Steven.
Thanks Stever Beaver!

The pantry area was cleaned out and organized by me  with help from my 17-year-old nephew, Evan, my 12-year-old son, Joshua, and my 15-year-old daughter Katilyn. Thanks kids!
The appliance cupboard was cleaned out & organized by my 11-year-old daughter, Melissa, and my wonderful husband, Lonny. Thanks you two!
A great big hug of appreciation goes out to my wonderful family for all the help! There are still a few more cupboards to do, perhaps I will get to them on another day. . . but it's time to move on! It's so fulfilling to get back to an organized house, and I'm so glad that I've gotten *mostly* over my perfectionistic tendencies, so I can enjoy the progress and not worry so much about what hasn't gotten done yet.

I think of it this way - by the end of the first week, we had accomplished a TON more than I would have accomplished this week if I hadn't done the challenge, right? And the time will pass anyway, so I might as well do something to add a little joy to my life - there's nothing like decluttering and organizing to clear the mind and heart.


  1. Way to go! So cool that everyone chipped in. I encourage you to keep documenting your progress (or lack of it) here. You will look back and get insight some day. And in the meantime you inspire your readers (like me), especially by persisting even after the "bad days".

  2. Love it! Makes me want to spring for some tickets to get you out to Wisconsin to help me! What an inspiration!


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