Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BKA Blog Guest Post!

Check out my guest post on the BKA Blog! It's fun to be included as part of the BKA Writer's Series! I've included the first few paragraphs here, just to wet your appetite. You'll have to follow the link to the BKA Blog to read the rest. ENJOY!

The Blessing (and Challenge) of Working from Home

"When you work from home, all kinds of things can be distracting. Whether it’s the kids who need you, the constantly ringing phone vying for your attention, Facebook pop-ups luring you into the tangled web of social media, or the laundry buzzer reminding you that you've already reset it 3 times, trying to work at home can be a challenge.
"The problem becomes even worse when you aren't in the mood to work, or have a personality that is easily distracted. And . . . that pretty much describes me. 

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"I love working from home because I can choose my own hours and work around my always-hectic schedule. But as I said before, working from home can be very challenging because. . .  well, because you choose your own hours and can work around your always-hectic schedule!" 
<continued on the BKA Blog . . . Read the full post at the following link:>

ENJOY!! And Happy Tuesday! ~JS~

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