Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 9: Books!

Guess what I'm doing today?? YEP! I'm resuming my POWER PURGE!! If you thought it would never happen again, you thought wrong! I know, too many exclamation points. But I'm excited!!!!

I love this picture! I have this really cool background on my login on hubby's HP laptop - it rotates amazing pictures of libraries from all over the world! 
Here's the plan:
  • Read Hannah's blogpost about books: http://hannahkeeley.com/blog/30-day-power-purge-day-nine
  • Watch video about decluttering your books:
  • Today's challenge is your book collection. Remember to sort your books into three piles--give away, throw away, and put away. Throw away if in shreds, give away books you no longer need, donate to library (you can write off the deduction).
  • Your extra credit is to de-clutter your magazines.
  • Your bonus is to organize your books into categories.
I love this quote: 
"It can feel overwhelming, but YOU CAN'T GO BY YOUR FEELINGS. You have to go by your commitment. That's what that timer is for. Even if you don't feel like it, just set it for fifteen minutes, that's all, and see what you can do. The hardest part is just starting the task. Once you get momentum moving, it just takes over. Before you know it, you've de-cluttered!" - Hannah Keeley

I'll check in later to tell you how it went!!


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