Friday, April 13, 2018

Go Tell Your Child That You Love Them. Seriously, do it now!

"Your kids being rooted in your love is important, and you can’t take for granted that they KNOW that’s how you feel. In the advertising industry, you are told that it takes people seven times to hear a message about your product before they buy it. Yet I have friends who tell me (especially men) that they can count on one hand the number of times their parents (usually their dads) told them they loved them ... Don’t be one of these parents."

"It is your parental duty to uplift your children and make them confident individuals so that they can be productive citizens of the world ... That, in turn, makes this planet a better place to live! On top of that, if they love themselves, they will be better equipped to have healthy, loving relationships with someone else. And don’t we want that for our children?"
πŸ’– - Powerful Penny -

I love this! 😍 And I love my awesome kids who make my life so much richer than I ever imagined. I'm committing to tell them each individually by the end of the day. Are you with me?

 ~JS~ 🌞

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