Friday, April 27, 2018

Road Trip! IDP002 - Show Notes & Photos - Part Two: Montana

For today's #FamilyFriday post, I'm going to finish up the show notes and promised photos from our last family vacation that I talked about during last Saturday's Podcast Episode #002. I know these posts are so mixed up!! But you are reading JUMBLED Sunshine after all!! 🌞 You can listen to this Podcast episode here: Road Trip! Beautiful Wyoming and Montana - IDP002

Part Two: Places to Visit in Montana:

Darby, Montana:

Darby, MT - Huckleberry Cinnamon Rolls - YUM!

Billings, Montana:

Billings, MT - Huckleberry Ice Cream Sandwiches!
Photo Credit: Yelp Aj S.

Shepherd, Montana:

Shepherd, MT - Elk country!

Florence, Montana:

Florence, MT - Gorgeous properties with so many trees!

Bitterroot National Forest, Montana:

Bitterroot Canyon, MT - So pretty!

Recommended Hotels from Our Trip:

Evanston, Wyoming - Holiday Inn Express

Missoula, Montana - Stone Creek Lodge

Minimize costs on a road trip, stay with friends! It's so rewarding to spend time visiting with people and catching up and just connecting in person. With all of our digital connectedness, sometimes we just need to sit and talk and look each other in the eyes. We loved getting to know some of Jessica's great friends on this trip!

Travel Tidbits:

Purchase snacks from the grocery store before your trip.

  • Peanut butter singles (dip bananas, apples, celery)
  • Hummus singles (dip pita chips, veggies)
  • Trail mix, jerky, crackers
  • Hershey’s kisses, mints, gum
  • Fruit snacks, cookies
  • Drink packet singles to add to water bottles

For Trip Journaling along the way:

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